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Announcing the K33 Vinter Quality Index

Arcane Crypto AB's subsidiary has developed a crypto reference index together with Vinter, a crypto index provider.

K33 will develop and offer financial products and portfolios tracking the index. The reference index will be broadly available on financial platforms like Bloomberg and Refinitiv, while the assessment reports will be available on the K33 platform. The index will be rebalanced quarterly and Vinter, as a licensed index provider, will be responsible for calculating and distributing the index.

K33 has developed a quality filter and a framework to systematically assess the top 30 cryptocurrencies. The K33 Vinter Quality Index (KVQ) is a smart beta index for crypto assets. The index consists of an equal-weighted mix of the most promising tokens amongst the top 30 crypto assets. The quality filter consists of five key criteria: (1) Persistent network effects, (2) Use, (3) Regulatory risk, (4) Ecosystem size and liveness, and (5) Inflation schedule and ownership concentration. Tokens with a low long term survival-probability are excluded, contributing to a substantial reduction in downside risk in the index.

According to Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, K33 CEO: "Digital assets are emerging as a new asset class, and there are a lot of interesting investment opportunities in the space. By following and later investing in the K33 Vinter Quality Index, investors can obtain a robust and diversified exposure while benefiting from our industry expertise, avoiding weak projects which otherwise would have been a part of a naive top 30 index."

Jacob Lindberg, CEO of Vinter, adds "We are pleased to be partnering with K33 as their preferred index provider. Arcane - the precursor to K33 - is globally renowned for their high-quality research. I learn something new about crypto every time I speak with the team or read their research. As the index provider of choice, Vinter will help them leverage this research to offer investors interesting exposures. Our crypto quality index is the perfect way to start our partnership."

The K33 Vinter Quality Index is live on Bloomberg and Refinitiv with the ticker "KVQ".

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About K33

K33 is a research-led digital assets brokerage with investment services, helping clients across EMEA make informed decisions backed by industry leading digital assets research, enter the market guided by a multi-exchange brokerage service, and invest safely for the long term in tailored managed funds. K33 provides a unified platform where customers get access to Research, digital assets brokerages, funds, and structured products. The unified platform will be rolled out during Q1 2023. The platform can be accessed both directly by customers on and through distribution partners and asset management firms that have signed up to offer the K33 platform as part of their investment offering.

About Arcane Crypto

Arcane Crypto AB is a holding company with broad exposure to the digital assets industry. The Company holds 100% stakes in K33, a research-led digital assets brokerage with investment services across EMEA, Arcane Green Data, an environmentally sustainable Bitcoin mining operation based in northern Norway, and minority stakes in both Puremarkets Ltd (37.5%), an interbank OTC market for digital currencies, and LN Markets (16%), a Bitcoin exchange built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.


About Vinter

Vinter is Europe's fastest-growing index provider specialised in crypto assets, playing a key role in the emerging crypto ETP industry. The firm collects crypto data from hundreds of sources, transforming proprietary strategies into investable products. For more information, please visit

About Vinter Capital

Vinter is a regulated index provider specialized in crypto assets. Vinter constructs, calculates and maintains indexes to financial products.

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The Company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Mangold Fondkommission is Certified Adviser.

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